Creativity now.

Confidence for life.


The power of Imagination

In 2013 I ran a summer Performing Arts camp to give my own kids a camp experience I didn’t see in Durham, mixing my love of Art and Drama and a belief that small groups work best. I was blown away by what these kids could do in one week!
— Annika Kim, Arts Unleashed Director

One week of messy painting, recycled prop creation, character building, costumes and creativity unleashed an excitement and imagination that was so powerful it could not be stopped. Even with all the present technology, there was still a hunger for hands-on, sit on the floor, get messy, dress-up engagement.

The Arts Unleashed ‘process’ was born! Combining Art and Drama, young people jump into writing, painting, creating, acting and performing for a live audience. The Arts Unleashed process allows every child to shine, from the most anxious and shy to the most outgoing and bold.

With over 100 original live plays to date, every performance is unique and reflective of young people’s rich imaginations.

We know a child’s imagination is limitless.

Imagine the confidence when they know it too.


Annika Kim

A proud mother of two humans and a handful of animals, Co-Chair of the local Parent Council and an ongoing volunteer with the Durham District School Board, Annika is passionate about people and community building. With a love of children and an endless energy, Annika draws on her background in Theatre and teaching and a life lived all over the world to create engaging Arts experiences for young people.


Our Mission

To build confidence in young people through the power of their imagination

Thank you, Annika, for offering a safe environment for children to come out of their shells and a program that allows them such freedom of expression!
— Cheryl from Pickering