As the year comes to an end I find myself looking back over the past year and reflecting on all the wonderful successes.  I have watched children overcome stage fright and put on confident, exuberant performances that left their fears in the dust.  I have laughed, heard laughter and created laughter every week with some of the most wonderful children and some of their parents.  I have learned that this business is as much about giving to the young people I am lucky to have in my programs as it is about the energy and excitement I feel when I create alongside them.  

I love what I do.  

I love having messy hands, dreaming up crazy props and set design ideas and getting totally carried away with the students as only people with endless imaginations can do.  I love telling children that everyone will have their ideas in the play because it is their play, there are no rules and we can tell our story the way we want and we do.  I love feeling the rush and excitement of that pre-performance moment when we put our hands together backstage and whisper cheer the name of the play, everyone jittery with excitement.   I love watching the kids raise their hands up in triumph for the final bow while I am bursting with so much pride for all these brave, confident little people that I may just explode in a shower of technicolour sparks!  

I am so lucky to be the Director of Arts Adventures at Arts Unleashed and I believe so strongly in the benefit of this program for young people.  Creation and performance truly does build confidence, creativity and imagination and I am loving every minute of it.